Priming the System

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As a competitive athlete, or just someone wanting the most out of your workouts, your potential is only as good as your ability to tap-into it. An area frequently misunderstood, or outright ignored, is the role of the neural aspect (central nervous system) to your muscles’ contraction and performance.

Accurate quality trumps defective quantity

You don’t have to make major changes in your current program in order to take advantage of this training principle. It’s as simple easy as the addition of a few specific NSD drills (NSD-Nervous System Development) towards the end of your dynamic warmup can get the job done with huge benefits to your overall progress and results. As is our standard at McConnell Athletics, accurate quality trumps defective quantity.

Simply put, proficiency of your neural development reveals the degree of signal from your brain to your muscles to fire and contract. Regardless of your training goals, your nervous system is a key player in the realization of your desired results.

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