The most important aspect of enhanced athletic performance (at any level) is in the preparation for that performance. In these posts I will cover the many components, and their applications, that are involved in ‘athletic preparation’ and sports performance. I’ll also cover topics related to physique development and enhancement, as well as overall health and wellness.

I will go into the vital aspect of mental preparation, which goes way beyond the notion of “just concentrate”.

You’ll learn there is complexity in what is simple, and simplicity in the complex. I’m a firm believer that there no “rules” that have to be adhered to in training the body…only sound principles that– when practiced consistently and confidently– provide the best results for each individual.

In other words, there is science IN what we do but training, itself, is NOT a science. There are nearly as many applications of proven principles that “work” as there are dedicated individuals willing to commit in following those applications consistently.

There is a “full circle” that each individual must experience, negotiate, and go through to become the best they can be. To get snagged at any point in that process is where people who quit… do so. We will expose that proverbial “wall” and reveal the opportunity that it really is, and opening the “door” to new levels of peak performance.

Stay tuned, and I appreciate your feedback.

Coach Vince

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