Celebrate 4th…For Less than $1

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Celebrate 4th…For Less than $1

To celebrate Independence Day, Laree Draper has extended a $5.00 coupon to purchase any lecture at MOVEMENTLECTURES.COM

If you haven’t already, please check out my lecture, “The Role of a Personal Strength & Conditioning Coach” by clicking link at TOP of this page.

Simply put the lecture in your cart, and while checking out put July4 in the coupon code box to get lecture… for LESS THAN 1 DOLLAR!

There are many other great topics, and lecturers, to choose from as well so I hope you’ll take advantage of this great service for the best in information you can use relative to health, fitness, performance, and physique.

For everyone ordering my lecture, send me an email with order confirmation and you’ll get one of our new (cool, new design) McConnell Athletics t-shirts for only the cost of getting it to you!

Everyone have a safe, and Happy 4th of July!

In Health, Strength, & Performance,




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